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HNPSWA's ATLAS Program Offers:
  • State of the Art personnel and asset tracking
    • GSM Tracking
      • Personnel: ATLAS provides for the tracking of personnel through Android based GSM tracking system.
      • Assets: ATLAS provides the ability to track and manage your companies valuable assets through our devices.
    • Satellite
      • Personnel: ATLAS Provides satellite based tracking through the use of Iridium tracking devices.
      • Assets: ATLAS Iridium devices not only assist your organization in accounting for your valuable assets while in transit or on location, it can also provide control of power cycles, maintenance schedules and other useful management tools.
  • Tracking and Anti-Pilferage System (TAPS)
    • ATLAS TAPS is a proprietary system of Accountability and Anti-Pilferage to maintain the location and integrity of yours and your clients cargo and vehicles while in transit.