Products & Services

HNPSWA offers professional consulting services
for your needs in Project Management, Telecommunications, Security and Risk Mitigation
in austere environments world wide.

HNPSWA Trainers have experience in multiple
areas and disciplines derived from years of experience in Military and Law Enforcement
kinetic and non-kinetic operations.

HNPSWA offers a wide range of Technology
solutions for your needs in the diverse landscape
of today's business world. HNPSWA's introduction
of the Asset Tracking Location and Support (ATLAS)
program provided for a dynamic solution needed by
all organizations with interests in security of their personnel and assets abroad.

HNPSWA Linguists can meet all of your translation needs in Dari, Farsi, Pashtu, Arabic, Spanish and English.
HNPSWA's Operational Support Programs can
provide solutions for the worlds most challenging environments. These services range from basic to tactical level deployment of highly trained medical
and communication teams with real world experience.


HNPSWA offers a multitude of Logistics Services ranging from ground transportation, aviation support as well as acquisitions and construction.