About Us

HNPSWA focuses on Political, Operational and Technical engagement in austere areas throughout the world. HNPSWA specializes in Host Nation engagement (national, sub-national, and local) at all levels to include field operations with Host Nation Counterparts to support and enhance conflict prevention, humanitarian response, crisis response and stabilization, all while aiming to address the underlying causes of destabilizing threats in the Host Nation area of operations. Key to this philosophy is the development of human capacity (via sustained engagement and training in the field forward deployed) which is augmented with 21st Century technology and the HNPSWA ATLAS™ Program. The HNPSWA concept of operations involves Host Nation engagement with sociocultural analysis as a critical pillar for both 1) overall success in asymmetric areas of operations and 2) Spiral development of human capacity as well as technology integration and application in areas of the world at risk for destabilization and conflict.

HNPSWA has received commendations and awards from multiple customers for the success and professionalism of work performed under the most arduous circumstances and environments.

HNPSWA is a member of Department of State  OSAC and is the Chair of the OSAC Crisis Management Advisory Committee in Kabul, Afghanistan.

HNPSWA has developed the ATLAS™ Program as an integrated suite of capabilities in support of Crisis Management for Private and Public Sector customers. Additionally, HNPSWA has integrated the ATLAS™ MED CAP site and Telemedicine into the ATLAS™ suite of capabilities to support Urgent Medical support and assistance to include remote access and urgent care medical support in harsh and austere environments. The MEDCAP includes training and enduring sustainment both via on site personal interaction and remote access.

  • HNPSWA is a US Company Headquartered in Atlanta, GA.
  • We are currently supporting US Government and several private business interests in Afghanistan and Africa.
  • Our Key areas of interest are Consultation, Technology Development and Deployment, Operations Support and Logistical Support Programs.
  • HNP personnel have a US Military Special Operations or Law Enforcement background with a minimum of three years experience in contingent environments
  • In 2012 HNPSWA was directed as a DCAA Compliant company.